63 grams is the weight of an Hermès scarf

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Friday, January 14, 2011

FRANCOISE DE LA PERRIERE II Traineaux et Glissades 1965

Francoise de la Perriere
Original issue: 1965
Catalogued: 3D

This scarf was bought by my husband during a trip he made to Spain with a client in 2001.
The story is that he bought two scarves and as he thought it was absurd to carry two orange boxes all the way to Argentina, he made both of them put in one only box... the shop assistant asked him whether he was sure and he of course insisted... during almost 10 years it shared box with Brides de Gala. 

Este pañuelo lo compró mi marido en un viaje que hizo a España con un cliente en 2001.
La anécdota es que compró dos pañuelos y como le parecía absurdo acarrear las dos cajas, los hizo meter en una sola... la vendedora le preguntó si estaba seguro y él insistió... durante casi 10 años compartió caja con Brides de Gala.

It's a beautiful scarf which depicts a winter scene, thus its name: Sledges and Skates. This color in particular, white, gray and pale blue, intensifies the sensation of winter, in fact it's one of the iconic scarves related to winter themes together with Les Plaisirs du Froid (Hugo Grygkar), L'Hiver (Philippe Ledoux), L'Hiver en Poste (Philippe Ledoux), Noel au 24 Faubourg (Dimitri Rybalchenko), etc.

Es un maravilloso pañuelo que representa una escena invernal, de ahí su nombre: Trineos y Patines. Este color en particular, blanco, gris y azul intensifican la sensación de invierno, de hecho se trata de uno de los pañuelos-icono en cuanto a temas invernales junto a Les Plaisirs du Froid (Hugo Grygkar), L'Hiver (Philippe Ledoux), L'Hiver en Poste (Philippe Ledoux), Noel au 24 Faubourg (Dimitri Rybalchenko).

As an example of the peculiarity of the use of color, let me introduce the same scarf in a different shade, it's surprising that it's the same design, isn't it? this is the magic of Hermès:

Como ejemplo de la peculiaridad en el uso del color, os presento el mismo pañuelo en una tonalidad diferente, sorprende que se trate del mismo diseño pero esa es la magia de Hermès:

Some detail shots in a different color way:

Algunas fotos de detalle en diferente color:

Francoise de la Perriere is one of the best known Hermès illustrators, we own to him countless designs greatly popular like Bride de Cour (1969), Cannes et Pommeaux (1985), Champignons (together with Gavarni 1959), Costumes Civils Actuels (1995), Les Coupes (1971), Cuirs du Desert (1988) reissued in SS 2011, Early America (1980), o the super famous and super faked Voitures a Transformation (1965)

Francoise de la Perriere es uno de los más conocidos ilustradores de Hermés a lo largo de su historia autor de innumerables diseños enormemente populares: Bride de Cour (1969), Cannes et Pommeaux (1985), Champignons (junto a Gavarni 1959), Costumes Civils Actuels (1995), Les Coupes (1971), Cuirs du Desert (1988) reeditado en la colección Primamera Verano 2011, Early America (1980), o el super famoso y copiado Voitures a Transformation (1965)


  1. Birkinmary - your blog is as fantastic as you are!! This will be a favorite blog of mine for certain! I love the effort and research you put into the designs and I wish we had this for all the scarves, especially the older ones. Thank you, Thank you!

    xoxo, P.

  2. Oh! Pauillac! I'm happy to see you here, you are most welcome, I'd love to add your Avenue des Acacias to my blog, would you lend me your pics?

  3. I agree with Paulliac, my dear Birkinmary! The scarves are exquisite, thank you so much for sharing these beauties. Your wonderful history lessons and fantastic detail shots bring them to life, many many thanks for these fabulous treats! xx

  4. Thank you MaiTai, so happy to find you here and to know you also love oldie goldies!

  5. Hey,
    great post !
    i managed to get my hands on that exact scarf in those icy colors!
    im a big perriere fan :)
    i just wanted to know what you meant by category: 3D ?
    and do you know if the scarf i got in those icy colors in what year it was reissued ?
    thanks again


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